You Must Take Care of Your Horses Teeth
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You Must Take Care of Your Horses Teeth

Horses are beautiful animals and many people use them for working on ranches, pleasure riding and just as pets. A horses teeth must be kept in good condition so they do not develop problems eating which will lead to health problems. You should check your horses mouth often and have it checked by a veterinarian at least once a year.

Taking care of your horse's teeth is very important to his health.  Some say that horse’s teeth will grow throughout his life and others say they will grow until he is 25 years old.  If your horse’s teeth are not in good shape, he will not be able to eat properly. 

Most horse owners do not have their horses teeth checked until there is a problem.  Sometimes dental problems in horses are not obvious and are hard to detect.  Horses should have their teeth checked and cleaned on a regular basis to avoid problems.  Some horses will wear down their teeth in a hurry.  This usually is because they chew the wood fences or their stall.  When horses teeth are worn down they have problems chewing properly and this will cause other health problems.

Your horse has a problem if when he eats the food falls out the side of his mouth.  This is a definite sign the horse has a problem and his mouth should be checked immediately to determine what the problem is.  Your horse could have a tooth abscess, which can be a serious problem.  If your horse is losing weight, drops food out the side of his mouth or has a foul odor coming from his mouth he could have a tooth abscess.  You should have your veterinarian check him immediately.

If your horse develops colic, he may have a dental problem.  If he swallows large amounts of poorly chewed food, he may have a problem.  If your horse has a lot of undigested food in his manure, he could have a dental problem.  If your horse does not want to accept the bit or he shakes his head a lot when he is being ridden he could have a problem.

Sometimes horse’s teeth will get high spots and they cannot chew properly.  Your horse’s teeth may have to be floated.  Your veterinarian will rasp your horse’s teeth so they are level.  Some horses will have to be sedated to do this procedure.

Horses are grazing animals and they have special needs when it comes to their teeth.  Their teeth are meant to grind down tough plant fibers.  In the wild horses graze on grass all day so it is good their teeth are always growing.  Domestic horses are not always on grass and they are fed foods that take less grinding.  This will cause their teeth to wear unevenly and develop sharp points on their molars.  These points will cut the inside of the horse’s mouth when he tries to eat.

Have your veterinarian check your horse's teeth at least once a year and you will have a healthy and happy horse.

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Great awareness for horse owners. A sure sign that a horse has teeth problems is head tossing if the bit is bumping a painful tooth.