What is the Best Bedding to Use for a Horse Stall?
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What is the Best Bedding to Use for a Horse Stall?

There are many types of bedding you can use in a horse stall. You can use straw, shavings, pellets and severel others. What you use will depend on what is available and what best suits you. Some people prefer straw for mares and young colts. Stalls with shavings are easier to clean than stalls with straw.

There are many types of bedding available for your horses stall.  The most common beddings used in horse stalls are shavings and straw.  You can also use wood pellets, paper, moss and hemp.  If you use stall mats they will cut down on the amount of bedding you will need.

Clean straw is a favorite type of bedding to use for mares and young foals.  Oat straw is better than wheat straw because it is more absorbent.  You must make sure that any type of straw you use is free of mold and dust.

Shavings are very popular and you can purchase them in bags at any feed store.  You can also have them delivered in bulk.  A stall with shavings is easier to clean than a stall with straw.  You can remove the manure with out getting a lot of the shavings when you use a manure fork.  When you are spreading the shavings be sure to pick out any pieces of wood.  Softwood shavings are the best type to use.  Never use black walnut shavings as they can cause serious problems for you horse.  Sawdust can be used but there can be a dust problem.

Wood pellets are compacted wood shavings.  They are easy to clean and there is less waste.  Wood pellets are more expensive than shavings or straw.  Many of the best pellets manufactures us only fresh pine for their pellets.  When the pellets get wet they puff up which helps the pellet bedding last longer.

The reason the stall will be easier to clean with pellets is because the pellets do not get as wet as regular shavings.  You can buy bags of pellets at feed stores and tack shops.

Another plus for wood pellets is that when they are removed from the horse stall they can be turned into compost.  Wood pellets are getting more popular as bedding for a horse stall.  If you use wood pellets follow the directions on the bag on how to use them.

Paper is used as horse stall bedding in some areas where it is available.  The shredded paper is not dusty but the ink may cause skin rashes on some horses.  When the paper gets wet it is heavy so this makes cleaning the stall more work.

Peat moss is sometimes used as a base under other types of bedding.  Using peat moss in a horse stall can cause respiratory problems because it can be dusty.

Hemp is becoming popular as bedding for a horse stall.  Hemp is not available in all areas.

Every horse owner has his favorite type of bedding.  Some people use cedar shavings because they like the smell.  Some people like the deep straw bed.  You should use bedding that is safe for your horse.  They are all good if they are used right.

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