What is a Horse Halter Break Away?
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What is a Horse Halter Break Away?

Break away horse halters will save your horse's life in case its halter caught on to something. Using this on your horse allows it to break away from the halter, thus, preventing strangulation and accidents.


Every horse owner should provide a break away horse halter for each of his horses. This will ensure the safety of the horse, especially if it isn't watched by its owner or handler. Some shops and online stores also refer to these products as safety horse halters.

Who should use break away horse halters?

Horses of any breed or age should be trained to wear halters. However, the use of regular halters may pose some problems for the horse and its owners, because a regular halter gets caught on shrubs, trees and even the horse's hooves. When this happens, a regular halter will not break if the horse resists. This could lead to an accident or the death of the horse. On the other hand, the materials used for a break away horse halter are made to break, in case it caught on to something, and the horse exerted some pressure to break away.

What are break away horse halters made of?

Like an ordinary horse halter, a break away horse halter have several straps made from leather. This is usually applied on a part of the crown. The difference of break away halters from ordinary halters is that the portions that will be in contact with the nose, cheeks and the throat are made of nylon. This material may break if sufficient pressure is applied to it, which will save the horse's life from accidents.

What is the purpose of the break away horse halter?

If a horse wears ordinary leather halters, the leather will resist any pressure from the horse if its halter caught on to something. The nylon portions of break away horse halters are designed to break if the horse struggles.

How to choose horse halters

The most important thing to remember when choosing or fitting horse halters is that these should not be too tight or uncomfortable for the horse.

The most common sizing charts of horse halters include yearling, small, regular (medium), and large.

How to make a break away horse halter?

To make a breakaway horse halter from scratch, you will need some leather, a crownpiece buckle (from an old halter), a leather punch and some nylon.

Cut a piece of leather measuring 9-inch long and with the width of a regular halter. Punch a hole in the middle of the strip of leather 3.5 inch from one end. Fold the leather strip so that the hold becomes the center of the fold. Then, place the buckle on this part.

An inch below the first hole, punch two more holes ¼ inch apart. Put a thin leather strip through these holes and tie them into an overhand knot.

About ¾ inch below that, punch another hole. To use this, attach the nylon crownpiece strap into the insert's buckle, and then attach the twin tongues of the insert into the ordinary buckle.

The procedure for creating a breakaway halter from scratch and from modified halters are almost the same, since you will need to reuse some portions of old halters.

Because using break away horse halters may require you to frequently replace or repair them, it is advisable to buy the ones that are inexpensive yet use quality materials.

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