Review of Nutrena Horse Feed Products
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Review of Nutrena Horse Feed Products

Nutrena horse feed products offer nutrition that accommodate all kinds horses and their needs no matter their breed or what stage in life they are in.

Nutrena horse feed products offer nutrition that accommodate all kinds horses and their needs no matter their breed or what stage in life they are in.

XTN Extreme Nutrition Horse Feed

Nutrena Feed

Horses that perform in extreme conditions need a feed that provides enough energy and nutrition to sustain their activities. XTN Extreme Nutrition Horse Feed contains beet pulp, vegetable oils, barley and steam-flaked oats that offer fiber and fat for optimum performance and growth. It requires less grain and allows for more hay to be fed because of its concentrated energy sources. The flax seed and high fat rice bran content also offers omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which help with the horse's heart health. Purchase it for about $19.85.

SafeChoice Horse Feed

SafeChoice® Horse FeedThis feed is designed to provide proper starch utilization and optimal digestion. It does not matter what breed of horse you have or its age. This feed maintains digestion and healthy muscles. It even has elements that promote coat, muscle and hoof development. Good health is delivered through amino acids, probiotics and prebiotics. The controlled starch formula of this feed earns it a good rating. You can purchase it for $12.99.

Legacy Horse Feed

Legacy™ Horse FeedFor horses having problems with digestion, give them the benefits of a fiber-rich feed. The Legacy horse feed is exactly what they need thanks to its content of digestible fiber that comes from the beet pulp incorporated in the feed's formula.

This feed is also ideal for horses who are suffering from dust allergies or heaves. Improved stamina, energy and muscle maintenance are some of the other benefits this feed offer. It can even help in the development of the horse's hoof, muscles and hair coat. Aside from being nutritious, it even tastes great for horses thanks to it steam-rolled grain contents. It retails for about $15.45.

Life Design Mare & Foal Premium Horse Feed

This horse feed is part of Nutrena's Life Design line of horse feeds. These equine feeds are specifically designed to help horses in various life stages by giving them a specific set of nutrients that are customized to their current life stage.

This particular feed is especially designed for pregnant mares, foals and developing horses. It aids prenatal development in pregnant mares, but it is also ideal to feed to growing and developing horses. It contains elements that support the development of hair coat, muscles and hooves. If you have a young horse or a horse that will give birth soon, this is an ideal nutritional supplement for them. Purchase it for around $16.99.

Triumph Senior Horse Feed

Triumph® Senior Horse FeedOffering biotin, lysine and highly digestible fiber, this horse feed makes sure that your aging horse's nutritional needs are taken care of so it can live a long and happy life. It is very palatable, and horses will enjoy eating it. It is nutritious enough to be fed on its own, or use it as a supplement that goes along with hay. For a balanced nutrition for senior horses, this is a great feed choice. You can get this for $12.99.


These Nutrena horse feed products are some examples of the wide range of different feed products available from this manufacturer. It is one of the most trusted brands in horse feeds and rightfully so because of the specialized formulations and high quality.

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