How to Make a Horse Halter?
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How to Make a Horse Halter?

Horses with halters are prone to accidents, like getting caught into something. This can inflict injuries in your equines, or worst, it can even lead to death. In order to prevent this, horse owners usually put halter breakaways in order to give their horses chance to break free once they get stuck into something. Horse halters break away can be purchased online or from a local store, but you can always make you own if you want. HereÂ’s a guide on how to do halter break away for your horse.


Halter break away is very important when you’re using a halter for your horse. It is being used to ensure their safety just in case they get tangled with something like fence, trees or even on their hooves. Every horse owner should provide a horse halter break away for each of his horses especially if they are not being watched more often. This will save their horses from accidents or even death.

Breakaways can be purchased on your local and online store, but if you want, you can always do it on your own.

Here’s a simple way on how to make a horse halter break away:


· Leather – You can use leather out of old purse, worn out coat or anything as long as it is thin and soft.

· Crownpiece buckle – You can make use a buckle from an old halter. You just have to remove the crownpiece from the old halter.

· Leather punch – You can use this to punch holes in the material that you are going to use. If you have no leather puncher, a knife will do. Be careful though if you are going to use a knife.

· Nylon


1. Cut a piece of leather measuring 9-inch long. The width of the leather should be the same as that of the junk halter.

2. Using a leather punch, punch a hole in the middle of the strip and another hole about 3 ½ inches from one end.

3. Fold the leather strip so that the hole becomes the center of the fold.

4. Place the buckle on the hole.

5. An inch below the first hole, punch two more holes ¼ inch apart.

6. Put a thin leather strip through these holes and tie them into an overhand knot.

7. Punch another hole about ¾ inch below the knot.

8. Attach the nylon crownpiece strap into the insert's buckle, and then attach the twin tongues of the insert into the ordinary buckle.

Always remember to remove the insert if you are to tie your horse. When the horse struggles or leans back, it will pop in an instant. Just reinsert it if you are turning your horse out. Inserts will save your horses’ live especially when they get tangled with something.

Making a horse halter breakaway from scratch and from modified halters are almost the same, since you will need to reuse some portions of old halters.

You may be required to repair or replace them from time to time, so it is advisable to buy the ones that are inexpensive yet made of quality materials.

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Very good tips, it would be good to add a picture as well.