Best Hoof Boots for Friesian Horses
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Best Hoof Boots for Friesian Horses

Padded hoof boots are not enough to ensure the protection of your horse's hooves. Friesian horses are very active and energetic, so if they have hoof injuries, it is easy for them to make it worse by simply moving around. To prevent this, you have to make sure that you get the best hoof boot for Friesian horses, and that is the boot that provides comfort and protection at the same time.



Friesian horses are quite large and very active, so the best hoof boot for Friesian horses would have to be very strong and very comfortable to wear. You should look for a pair of hoof boots that will prevent damage to your horse's hooves and will keep them comfortable especially during long rides. Here are some recommended hoof boots for this horse breed.

Sport Hoof Boot

This pair of hoof boots from Cavallo uses industrial grade Velcro closures to fasten the boot to your horse's hoof. It has a shape that fits naturally to the hoof, eliminating the need to use inserts or shims. It has a moulded back flap and a softee leather foam-filled collar that provides comfort and protection from impact. This design allows you to easily put on and remove the boot and ensure your horse is comfortable while it is wearing boots. It is lightweight and it absorbs shock, which makes it perfect for active movements, which the Friesian horse is known for. Whether you are just going for a long and slow ride or if you are in the mood for some running, this can ease the tension of the activity on your horse's hooves and legs. It deserves an excellent rating.

Price: $129.95

Old Mac's Original

These boots from Old Mac's feature Thermo Plastic Urethrane and Hoof Suspension technologies that minimize shock and impact, which is perfect if you want to prevent injuries to your horse. It is also a great way to speed up your horse's recovery time if it is indeed injured in the hoof area. These are multi-purpose boots that can be used during repairing of hooves, rehabilitation, transportation and even prevention of kicking injuries when the horse is breeding. Putting it on is a breeze thanks to its fastening system designed to open wide, eliminating the need for extra effort in putting it on and taking it off your horse. Its tread pattern makes sure that your horse won't slip on wet surfaces or even on ramps during transportation. For its multi-purpose use, it gets a good rating of four out of five.

Price: $ 145

Horse-Mocs Boot

This hoof boot is custom made with neoprene rubber, soft fleece fabric, polymer rubber compund and extra cushioning materials, ensuring a comfortable fit for any kind of horse and any shape of hoof. It is well suited for rehabilitation, minimizing impact and fatigue on your horse's hooves and legs thanks to its cushioning material. It is even sturdy enough for the more active horses like Friesians. This soft and comfortable boot solution gets a four out of five score.

Price: $65 - $85 (depending on size)



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