Australian Riding Pony
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Australian Riding Pony

A product of Arabian, British Riding Pony and the Thoroughbred horse, the Australian Riding Pony features the athleticism of large horses and the gentle disposition of ponies; a perfect combination for children, adolescents and beginner riders. It is popular among fans of dressage, jumping, eventing and casual riding. It is basically a great combination of power and elegance that anyone, young and old, can grow attached to. If you are thinking of acquiring this pony by purchasing or breeding one, here is some more information about this riding pony from Australia to give you an idea of what to expect.


Origin and History

Using Thoroughbreds, Arabian Horses and British Riding Ponies, the Australian Pony was developed by crossbreeding in the 1970s in Australia. Ever since the distinct bloodline of this breed was established, numerous attempts at improving its characteristics were implemented, using several types of bloodlines via natural breeding processes and even artificial insemination. The Australian Pony Stud Book Society was formed to maintain the registration of this breed. The registration process was initiated around 1980 when the Australian Pony Stud Book Society was formed.

Physical Appearance

Unlike the typical pony, this breed is much larger and taller, usually standing at a height ranging from 12.2 to 14.2 hands. Their appearance resembles large show horses instead of typical ponies, but smaller. This gives them a strong and compact look that still exudes elegance and power. Its coat comes in solid colors; usually shades of brown and black. It has a small head with small ears, which give it a charm that is irresistible to children. It has long thin legs that may not give the appearance of power, but it is athletic enough to allow for great speed and strength. Its height and long straight back provide an easy platform for riding whether the rider is a beginner or expert.

Behavior and Temperament

Like most ponies, it is quite gentle and friendly. It has a very active disposition, always willing to perform and show off both to their rider and show audiences. This friendly disposition makes them easy to train and a pleasure to ride during casual riding and trailing trips. You can expect no attitude problems when it comes to the Australian Riding Horse. Great manners and high intelligence make them perfect riding companions for beginners and children, or even experienced adults who just want a pleasant riding time with a nice and polite horse.


This breed was developed mainly for riding involving children and adolescents, but it can also be used by adults for a wide array of activities. These activities include jumping competitions, riding competitions, dressage competitions, eventing, combined driving, mounted games, gymkhana events and simple pleasure riding activities.


This pony is a large but gentle equine, which can provide a nice ride for any aspiring horse owner. Any activity that involves riding a horse is appropriate for the Australian Riding Pony. Whether it requires them to trot, canter, run, jump or simply walk, you can expect them to perform with zeal.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; Creative Commons Attribution / Supplied by Cgoodwin

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