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Equestrian Collections offers horse riding apparel for the whole family, plus horse and barn supplies and dog products. Equestrian Collections offers over 13,000 products on their website and e-catalog, and offers over 3000 items in their sales, brand closeouts and outlet shopping areas. Equestrian Collections offers 200 equestrian brands.   Equestrian Collections offers numerous shopping categories:   Shop for Ladies Apparel & Accessories Helmets & Safet...
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About American Bashkir Curly Horses. What do Bashkir Curly horses look like? How did the American Curly horse originate? What are the places to register a curly horse? How rare are American Bashkir Curly horses? Where can a horse with curly hair be registered? Where I can find an American Curly Horse? Why does my horse have curly fur?
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How to care for a horse. How much work is it to look after a horse? How much time do I need to spend on my horse per day? How much land is needed for a horse? Can I train my horse myself? What vaccinations do horses need? How much money does it cost to buy a horse? How often do horses need their feet trimmed?
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The Equestrian Corner is one of the leading online stores for horse saddles and bridles, rider apparel and equipment, horse grooming tools, both horse and dog clothing, and a variety of other equestrian equipment. The Equestrian Corner sells: Women's riding apparel and equipment Men's riding apparel and equipment Children's riding apparel and equipment Horse and dog clothing Saddles, saddle pads, and saddle accessories Bridles Grooming equipment Gifts
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Where can I adopt a horse? How much does it cost to adopt a horse? How do I adopt a horse? Every year hundreds of horses are sold at auctions, many are purchased by meat buyers and sent to slaughter, horse rescues try to save as many of these horses as they can, putting them up for adoption. Other horses may be adopted from wild herds.
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How to tame a wild horse? How to gentle a wild horse? How to befriend a horse? The BLM allows people to adopt wild mustangs and burrows but they still need to be tamed, taming is a helpful step before halter breaking starts, learn how to teach a horse how to trust humans. How to teach horses to trust.
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Man O War is considered by many as the greatest racehorse of all time. He only raced 2 years because the racing officials kept requiring him to carry more weight than the other horses by as much as 30 pounds. He was retired by his owner as a three year old because the officials had already stated they were going to increase his weight requirement and he was already carrying 138 pounds and most of the horses he raced against were carrying 30 pounds less.
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Horses are beautiful animals and many people use them for working on ranches, pleasure riding and just as pets. A horses teeth must be kept in good condition so they do not develop problems eating which will lead to health problems. You should check your horses mouth often and have it checked by a veterinarian at least once a year.
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A product of Arabian, British Riding Pony and the Thoroughbred horse, the Australian Riding Pony features the athleticism of large horses and the gentle disposition of ponies; a perfect combination for children, adolescents and beginner riders. It is popular among fans of dressage, jumping, eventing and casual riding. It is basically a great combination of power and elegance that anyone, young and old, can grow attached to. If you are thinking of acquiring this pony by purchasing or breeding one...
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The Peruvian Paso has been bred for centuries in Peru where its characteristics have been nurtured and preserved. The breed originated from the blood lines of Spanish Jennet, Andalusian, Barb and Friesian horses from Spain. The breed was developed because of the need of Spanish explorers for a horse that can help them with smooth and comfortable rides as they explored and adventured in the land of Peru. This horse breed was initially developed sometime in the early 1500's.
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The German Riding Pony is a breed of horse that is known for its athleticism. It is also popular in show jumping, eventing, and dressage circles thanks to its cute and elegant looks. It may fool you with its size, but it is a pony that can perform like any other bigger horse breed. Young and old people alike admire its athletic yet gentle nature, doing justice to the magical expectations of young children, especially girls, about ponies.
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Leather horse halters are stylish and elegant, but they offer more than just looks for any horse breed. They provide firm control for the rider and a comfortable fit for the horse. Here are some recommended leather halters for horses. These five leather horse halters all offer a great look that covers a range of horse types. Adjustability, comfort, style and control are all elements that you should look for in a leather halter and these five items have them.
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Halters for training purposes need to be as comfortable as possible for horses since they will be wearing them for long periods of time. This one is made in Australia and is designed to be light, so it is perfect for natural training. It is versatile in such a way that the clip can be removed to give a more direct line of control and communication between the rider and the horse without exerting extra force on the horse.
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